Drain cleaning, unblocking and repairs

When it comes to cleaning drains, Kwik-Clear has the expertise and tools to get the job done. 

When your drains go wrong, it's a nightmare. Blockages, gurgles, slow water draining, bad smells - you name it - it's time to give us a call. We’ve seen it before and we’ve fixed it before!

Our services include:

- Domestic drain unblocking
- Commercial drain unblocking
- Drain jetting
- CCTV drain surveys
- Drain repairs


Domestic Drain Unblocking

Many of us live with persistent drainage issues that can be quickly and easily fixed. Nothing is too small so give us a call!


Commercial Drain Unblocking

Drainage issues can cause your business serious problems. Kwik-Clear will get you back to work with the minimum of fuss and disruption. 

We're experts in dealing with commercial drain unblocking, for all sizes of business, and have all the expertise, experience and equipment necessary to get things back to business as usual, fast.


Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting offers a superior, long-term solution to the problem of blocked drains.

The drain rods used by many drain clearance firms often can't reach the problem, or simply push it further along the pipe.

High-pressure Drain Jetting gets to the source of the problem and is extremely effective. The jetting hose can negotiate bends, travel further down the pipe, and exert far more force to break down and remove the blockage.

Drain jetting clears familiar problem like fat and scale build up, but we've also used it to shift far more unusual problems, like tree roots, children's toys and rubble!

Kwikclear vans carry the highest quality and most powerful jetting units available. We can be onsite and jetting in minutes.


CCTV Drain Survey

When you're trying to find the problem, it helps if you can see what you're doing. 

For persistent or complex problems we have the equipment to carry out a visual investigation with a CCTV survey. 

Getting 'eyes on' the problem in glorious technicolor can often save a bigger, nastier issue from developing. 


Drain Repairs

When it comes to repairing your drains and getting your life back to normal, Kwik-Clear are second to none.

Damaged or collapsed drains do not operate effectively, potentially putting you and your family or business at risk of flooding. Nobody wants backed-up sewage in their house! 

Damaged drains need repairing or replacing fast. Don't worry - we can handle it, quickly and efficiently. 

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